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The Law

The Law of Forgiveness

by Harry Thomsen

Released 2014
Released 2014
The Law of Forgiveness is inspired by Dr. Raymond Holliwell's book „Working With The Law“.
  • 04:15 Lyrics The Law of Forgiveness (feat. Giddam)

    Breathing is light
    My chest is moving freely
    A new day has begun
    I'm happy to be me

    Peace in my heart
    Relief in the soul
    Now I know
    how to forgive

    When we forgive
    We help ourselves
    Let go of the break
    The good is on its way

    Awareness of love
    Now I know
    How to forgive

    Fully relaxed
    Feeling so safe
    Attitude of love
    Smile on my face

    Attracting my dream
    My goals will fulfill
    The laws are working
    Because I forgive

    When we forgive ...

    To forgive
    Reject to take it in
    Let go of completely
    Abandon and forget

    Say "this is good"
    Then look for the good
    Find it and move on
    With faith and gratitude

    When we forgive ...

    Do the best they can
    With what they know
    So you might as well forgive

    People who
    are hard to love
    They are the ones
    who need it the most

    When we forgive ...

In 1964, Dr. Raymond Holliwell published a phenomenal book called „Working With The Law“. It outlines 11 universal Laws of life explaining how everything comes together, how you can influence and create your own life exactly as you want it.

For almost a year, I have been working on a music album inspired by Holliwell’s book. Each song is composed to uplift and inspire, to induce beauty and power, and is sung by my beautiful wife, Giddam.

„The Law of Forgiveness“ is the first song published from the album.