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The Law

The Law of Obedience (feat. Giddam)

Harry Thomsen
Harry Thomsen


There is a certain purpose to life
To build, to create
Man has all materials needed
To construct his desired life

The man builds in wisdom or ignorance
According to his obedience

Law of obedience, that's what to do
Happiness, peace, and prosperity
Follow the law of obedience
Happiness, peace, and prosperity

In all that we think and do
We either serve principle or things
Things are results of causes
And principle is the cause itself

Principle is what we think in our minds
Things are results of this thinking

Law of obedience ...

Man does not own an earthly thing
All that he has has been loaned to him
When one day we pass away
We cannot keep our things or burdens

Possessions is but an idea
And this is giving rise to burdens

Casting our burdens upon the law
We shall be forever free
Outer appearances are not the truth
Follow the law of obedience

Live in the present moment
Do your duty every day
Don't pay attention to the past
Let the future take care of itself

A man of principle is governed by
The law of thinking and living right

Law of obedience ...